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Everything from small PA Systems to Conference & Performance Systems:

  • Portable PA (Battery & Powered)
  • Speakers & Subs (Passive & Active)
  • Multi-Channel Sound Mixers (Passive & Active)

Portable PA System

Sound system hire suitable for groups of up to about 50 people indoors or outdoors. Additional speakers can be linked to larger groups.

The portable audio system kit includes a handheld and lapel wireless microphones.

Inputs include 2 additional microphones and an iPod/MP3 player input.



Our speaker hire stock includes a range of quality audio speakers to allow for different size audiences and applications.

Which speaker is right for your event depends on whether the event is indoors or outdoors, the size of the audience and how loud you want your sound amplified.

Please call our hotline to discuss your particular application with our technicians.



Mixers are only required when there are multiple sources of audio needing amplification, e.g. microphones, music or instruments, MP3 players, computers.

We have a range of audio mixers which can be paired with an amplifier or we have mixers that have a built in amplifier.

Event Audio Sound System Hire

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