Sound Systems Hire & Audio Mixers

Sound System Hire - Corporate & Private

VideoData carries a range of speakers and mixers varying from PA Systems to Conference & Performance Systems:

  • Portable PA (Battery & Powered)
  • Speakers & Subs (Passive & Active)
  • Multi Channel Sound Mixers (Powered & Unpowered)
Portable PA System
portable audio system kit
Portable PA System

The Portable PA System is suitable for groups of up to about 50 people indoors or outdoors. Additional speakers can be linked for larger groups.

The portable audio system kit includes:

  • Speaker on a tripod stand
  • Handheld microphone (Wireless)
  • Headset microphone (Wireless)

Inputs allow for 2 additional microphones and a Ipod/Audio Playback.

This system is ideal for weddings, small presentations and meetings where it is important to hear a speaker or it can just be used to provide background music.

Speakers - Sub Woofer SRS1500
EV SX300 Speaker

Our sound system hire stock includes a range of speakers to allow for different size audiences and applications.

We have speakers suitable for small presentations in noisy outdoor areas to speakers to cater for a conference indoors for up to 1000 people.

Which speaker is right for your event depends on where your event is being held, the size of the audience and how loud you want your sound amplified.

Please call the office to discuss your particular application with our technicians.


Mixers are only required when there are multiple sources of audio needing amplification, e.g. Microphones, music or instruments, Audio playback, laptops.

We have a range of mixers which can be paired with an amplifier or we have mixers that have a built-in amplifier.

When it comes to sound system hire, we know how difficult it is to make a decision about what would best suit your event. We can work with you to find the system that would best suit your event. You can choose to hire a single item such as a speaker or mixer to support your existing sound system or you can hire a larger system from us.

The larger system may be part of a conference package or may be part of a projector and screen week-end special. Whatever you need, please call and talk to us so we can provide you with the sound system that will best suit your event.

For sound system hire Brisbane, call (07) 3846 7600.