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data projector for hire
data projectors for hire
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hire data protector

Our data projector range meet varying needs and applications.

Things to consider when hiring a data projector:

  • Room Size

  • Screen Size

  • Audience Size

  • Ambient Light

  • Image Resolution

All of the things listed above can affect which data projector is just right for you. For example, the larger the screen, the brighter the data projector needs to be to fill the screen with a good quality picture. By providing some of the above information to our technicians, they can advise you on the best projector for your event.

data projector for hire

Entry Level Projectors – budget-friendly option for small events or private functions

Projector Hire Brisbane has a range of entry-level projectors best suited to small events, family celebrations and small movie nights These are small projectors with VGA connections.

data projectors for hire

Mid Range Projectors – With good quality image but for medium-size audience

The mid-range projectors are HD and are well suited to home movie nights, Boardroom presentations, medium-sized conferences and other special events with audiences from 10 to 300 people. These projectors all have HDMI connections.

projector hire

High Brightness Projectors РFor large screens  with a large audience

The high brightness projectors are HD and ideal for large conferences or events involving audiences of 300 or more people where large images are required. These projectors all have HDMI

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Short & Long Throw Options

  • Short Throw models available
    These projectors can be positioned very close to the screen when space is an issue.
  • Long Throw Projectors
    These projectors can be positioned at a distance if the set-up requires this.
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Outdoor Projector Hire

While we have on many occasions used data projection outdoors, it is not always ideal. There are many factors to consider before using projection outdoors. Please call and discuss your event with our technicians so we can provide you with the best solution to fit your event and budget.

Please call our friendly staff on (07) 3846 7600 to discuss your particular event so we can recommend the right projector from our extensive range.

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