PA System & Speakers Hire Brisbane

PA System Hire Brisbane

VideoData provides a range of portable PA systems and microphones for your events. Whether you are organising a large exhibition, a conference, an awards night, or just a small meeting in Brisbane, we have the perfect PA system to suit your needs.

With our experience in the industry, we understand the importance of delivering high-quality sound to ensure your event runs smoothly. We offer the flexibility to hire single items or the entire PA system package, giving you the freedom to choose the best solution for your event.

Trust VideoData to provide you with reliable, top-of-the-line equipment and expert service to make your event a success. Let us tailor a system to suit your event.

Handheld Microphones (Wireless or Cabled)
Portable PA System (Battery or Powered)

Portable PA systems can be just as useful indoors as outdoors. They are ideal for groups up to 50 people. Additional speakers can be added for larger groups.

For PA System Hire Brisbane, call (07) 3846 7600.

Headset Microphones (Wireless)
Microphone Hire Brisbane

VideoData has a wide range of microphones available for hire including:

  • Handheld Microphones(Wireless or Cabled)
  • Headset Microphones (Wireless)
  • Lapel Microphones (Wireless)
  • Table Microphones (Wireless or Cabled)
  • Conference Microphones (Cabled)
  • Gooseneck Microphones (Lectern/Podium Microphone)
  • Instrument Microphones

Each microphone type suits a different type of events.

Gooseneck microphone hire
Hand Held Microphone

Wireless handheld microphones are ideal for Q&A sessions.

Headset/Lapel Microphones

These microphones are a hands free option.

Gooseneck Microphones

A flexible neck microphone mounted on a lectern.

Instrument Microphones

Microphones especially designed to enhance musical instruments.


Whether you are looking to hire a single microphone for a small event or a number of microphones for a large event, VideoData can provide you with the right solution for your event within your budget. Our years of experience in microphone hire enables us to tailor the right package to meet your requirements.

Call us today on (07) 3846 7600 and talk to one of our friendly technicians.