Sound system hire in a government project

VideoData understands that communication is a necessity in business as it is in all walks of life. How we communicate is evolving. Society is connecting through a whole new network where live streaming services are quickly becoming the new normal.

Live Streaming Packages Brisbane

VideoData will design a package that will suit your event with your budget in mind. We start with our basic package to fill the basic requirements of live streaming. Additionally, we can upgrade to a larger equipment package necessary to fill the requirements of your particular event.

Our basic live stream package includes:

Larger live stream packages include:

We host our live streaming service on Facebook through VideoData’s page to make it easy for people to join the event. It can also be live-streamed through your own Facebook page with sufficient notice and prior arrangement.

We only use high-end quality equipment. Our cameras are high definition and we use selected microphones for speeches, vocalists and musicians. We have high definition projectors and LED / LCD Screens for presentations, depending on if required and whichever best suits your event.

We can load your presentation onto our laptop for a seamless insertion in the live stream. All your guests will have quality pictures and sound throughout the entire event no matter where in the world they connect from.

VideoData Staging & Hire will assist you through the entire process so please call us today to discuss your requirements or email us an enquiry.

Live streaming your event gives you an effective way to economically broadcast your conference, meeting, training session, fashion parade, awards night, wedding or funeral to reach a wider or remote audience. Whether you’re attending a business function or social event, it is important that your online experience is seamless, efficient and sensitive to the needs of the audience.

VideoData Staging & Hire are a team of AV professionals who can walk you through what you need to live stream your next event online. We can host it on Facebook for easy access for all your intended guests. Alternatively, we can record your event for you to post to your website/Facebook page at a later date.

From a technical standpoint, there are 4 main benefits to using Facebook

  1. Facebook sends out multiple notifications to followers
  2. Facebook notification intervals can be set at 1 hour, 20 minutes and 1 minute before going live
  3. Facebook has reactions as well as likes for the video
  4. Facebook allows you to choose who you want to share the live video with 

It should be noted that VideoData keeps updated and abides with Queensland laws regarding COVID-19 directives.