Sales & Installation

VideoData Staging & Hire has been in the audio visual industry for 20+ years and for all this time our speciality has been all things audio visual. Over the years we have established an excellent reputation with our many suppliers which enables us to offer our clients a full range of products at a competitive price.

With the many and continual changes in the electronic industry, it is important to not only have great experience but to be abreast of the developments so that we can provide sound and up to date advice for your individual requirements. Our technicians have a combined experience of over 60 years in the business which gives them a strong base to build on with all the new advancements.

While we can provide you with a wide range of products, when quoting to you we would always start by recommending the product most suitable and the most reliable for your application that also fits within your budget. Other issues we also consider when recommending a product are warranties and back up service.

Because of our strong supplier relationships and our very experienced technicians, we have great confidence in our ability to meet your supply requirements and exceed your service expectations.

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