Wireless Transmitter Frequency Change – Does This Affect Your Microphone

This can be likened to the change in television transmission from analogue to digital. As from 1st January 2015 wireless audio transmitters will be on a much different and limited frequency range.

After 1st January 2015 some of the current bands being used will no longer be available and will become illegal to use with severe penalties being enforced. Some of the frequencies affected are currently widely used with microphone transmitter kits.
Please see the Fact Sheet issued by the Australian Government through the Australian Communications and Media Authority – http://www.acma.gov.au/~/media/Spectrum%20Engineering/Information/pdf/ACMWirelessMicPlugPlayFA%20pdf.pdf

This change will not affect every microphone so you should check to see what frequency your microphone currently uses. The solution can vary from retuning your current system, to inserting new frequency modules or replacing the microphone and transmitter kit depending on your particular system.

VideoData Staging & Hire have technicians who are well versed with wireless microphone systems. We would be very happy to arrange to assess your system and provide a free quote to bring your system up to the new standard.

Please call the office on 3846 7600 to make a suitable appointment with one or our qualified technicians and avoid any chance of receiving a penalty.