Why Use Live Streaming for Your Event

Live streaming has become a very popular way of including people in events who could not physically attend. This has become particularly popular with businesses for conferences and meetings as well as with families for milestone events and one-off gatherings such as weddings and funerals.

There are many simple ways to live stream, but all too often, the experience for the people on the receiving end of the live stream hasn’t been considered. Using a stationary camera or camera from a phone may give you a picture and sound, but are the recipients getting the whole picture and quality audio?

Live Streaming Considerations

  • Is the stationary camera providing the whole picture?

  • Is people movement interrupting the picture?

  • Is the sound good, or are the speeches being distorted by noises close to the camera?

  • Is the camera too far away from the speaker to pick them up clearly?

  • Is the speaker quietly spoken and not easily picked up by the distant microphone?

  • Did the live stream audience miss the PowerPoint presentation on the big screen because the stationary camera was in the wrong spot?

VideoData Can Live Streaming Your Event

Using VideoData to do your live streaming can solve so many of these problems and improve the quality of the production to improve the experience for those people so far away. We can provide better quality cameras (manned), provide microphones for all the speakers to minimise any noise interference and integrate the feed for any PowerPoint presentations directly into the live stream.

If the event is important enough to live stream to others, shouldn’t their experience be important too?

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