Things to Think About When Organising an Event

An event can have a variety of functions so you will have a variety of things to think about when organising your particular event.

Your event could be :

  • Conference / Meeting
  • Exhibition / Product Launch
  • Training Session
  • Workshop / Seminar
  • AGM / Awards Night
  • Dinner / Cocktail Function
  • Private Celebration
  • Special birthday / Anniversary
  • Funeral

Because every event is different, we start with some simple questions and work from there.

1. How many people will be attending the event?

Knowing the number of people will help determine the size of the venue and the seating arrangement for the event.

This will also help determine the requirements for the audio visual needed in the venue.

2. Will you have a presenter or several presenters at the event?

If you have a presenter or presenters at your event, it is very important that the message delivered is received by the whole audience.  This means the whole audience needs to be able to hear what is being said and see any visuals.

3. Do you require staging for your event?

Does your presenter need to be elevated so they can be clearly seen and heard by the audience or do you have some entertainers or a band that need a stage?

A stage provides an elevated platform that can be beneficial to both the presenter or entertainer and the audience.  Each stage piece is 1m by 2m and can be set to different heights.  Stage pieces can be assembled together to provide the stage size to suit your requirements.

Black drapes can provide a good background or just black out something that does not need to be seen.  They can also be used to block out light if using a projector and screen during the day in a room with a lot of windows.

Stage risers are often used for cameras and operators when recording an event or to elevate an LCD screen for a large audience.

4. Does your event have any special requirements?

  • Microphone/s and Speakers
  • Lecturn

Some people are naturally softly spoken, other people have voices that do not carry well and then we have large groups that just require a microphone to ensure the audience all hear the presenter.  Shuffling in the room and any other outside noise can detract from a person being heard so it is often wise to have a microphone to make sure the message being conveyed is heard by everyone. The number of speakers around the room is determined by the size of the group and the size of the room.

Does your event require a roaming microphone for a Q&A session?

Some presenters may require a lecturn to rest paper or laptops on.  Some presenters feel more comfortable when standing behind a lecturn or it may designate where the speaker will stand on the stage.

5. If you have entertainers, do they have special requirements?

  • Vocal Microphones
  • Instrument Microphones
  • Fold Back Monitors

Different microphones are used for singers and instruments, so it is important to know just what their requirements are.

Do the entertainers want fold back monitors or any other equipment on stage?

6. Does your event have a visual presentation?

Visual presentations can be PowerPoints or Videos but they will require either a projector and screen or an LCD to show them on.

We have both High Definition or Standard Definition Projectors depending on your requirements and a variety of screens depending on your audience size.

  • Tripod Screens – Portable
  • Pull Up Screens – Portable (Lightweight)
  • Fastfold Screens – These screens are for larger events and are complete with a drape kit.
  • LCD Screens – These screens come with 2m high stands.

Screens like LCD screens may also be required if a room is very large or have pillars and you may need to have a live to screen video camera feed to ensure all the audience can see what is going on.

7. Do you want to live stream or record the event?

Circumstances do not always allow everyone to attend an event that should or would like to attend. Now we can include those people by live streaming the event or by recording the event and allowing them to view it later. We only have one opportunity with some of these events so this can be very important, particularly to the people on the receiving end of the live stream.

Broadcasting your event through live streaming allows you to reach a wide range of audiences effectively through platforms like:

  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • Zoom

Doing the live stream through an audio visual company with the use of microphones, HD cameras, mixing desk and on-site technicians ensures the live stream is conducted smoothly and professionally.


8. Do you have break out groups or booths at your event?

Some conferences or seminars have break out groups. These may require some form of audio visual.  Break out rooms may just require some small screens or sound systems but it is again important that they have what they need to meet with event expectations.

Some conferences / exhibitions often have information booths and these may require LCD screens or projector and screen for presentations or display purposes.

9. What kind of lighting is required?

If you have entertainers or speakers on stage, do you require some stage lighting? Would you like some coloured theme lighting to enhance your event?

Please ask when talking to us about your event which lights would work best with your event.

  • Profile Lights
  • Stage Wash
  • Flood Lights – White
  • Coloured Uplights

Do not be overwhelmed by the questions. They are designed to make you think about your event but they are questions we will ask. We will guide you through the answers to assist you to get the right audio visual for your event.

Here at VideoData we work with you as a partner so we understand what you are trying to achieve and help make your event the success you want it to be.

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