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Drape Hire

Drapes provide you with the ability to create a professional backdrop around your stage that keeps the focus on the presenter/performer while keeping what is happening in backstage out of site. Drapes can also be used to reduce the ambient light within a room which can be vital when wanting to achieve a professional lighting solution.

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Stage Hire

A stage provides a speaker/presenter with an elevated vantage point allowing them better visual presentation and connectivity with the audience.

Each stage piece is 1-meter x 2 meters and can be set at different heights. Pieces of stage put together can be configured to suit different venues and purposes from a single presenter to a group of performers.

Please call and discuss your event to allow our professionals recommend the right solution for your event.

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Camera Riser

This is like a small square stage piece that elevates a camera above an audience when filming a conference, training session or other events.

Please call us and discuss your event to allow us to offer our professional recommendation that will deliver the right solution for you.

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