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What is worse than getting to a conference or an event and not being able to hear what is being said? While this is not good from an audience perspective, it is also not good from a presenter’s perspective as their message is not reaching the very people they are trying to connect with.

No matter what the event, whether it be a conference, just a short presentation, a wedding or a party celebrating a milestone birthday, it is important that the people attending the event can hear what is being said by the speaker.

Audiences very quickly become fidgety if they can’t hear what is being narrated and this can become quite a distraction to the audience in general as well as being very frustrating for the presenter knowing he is not getting his message across.

The size of the sound system you will require to ensure all the audience can hear and not just those people sitting in the front few rows, depends on the size of the audience, the venue or area where the event is being held and what is being played through the sound system, such as speeches or music.

We have a range of microphones and PA systems for hire that allow us to tailor a quality sound experience to suit your event. For example:

  • Spruiking
  • Single speaker with wireless microphone
  • Powered or Battery operated
  • Conference
  • Wireless Lapel and Hand-held Microphones
  • Lectern Microphone
  • Panel Microphones
  • Q & A Microphones
  • Amplifiers and Mixers
  • Speakers suitable for different room sizes
  • Seminar
  • Desk or Boardroom Table Microphones individually controlled
  • Can be connected to an audio recorder
  • Performance
  • Instrument Microphones
  • Vocal Microphones
  • PA Systems with punchy front of house speakers
  • Subs plus Foldback monitors
  • Audio Mixers with Fx and Lighting options

We also have event lighting, video production and live streaming services available. Please send your enquiry from our online ‘Enquiry’ for the same day reply (during working hours) or call us to discuss.

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