Our portable PA systems in Brisbane are perfect for any event, big or small. Whether it’s a conference, exhibition, awards night, or meeting, we have the right system to meet your specific requirements.

We understand the pivotal role of superior sound quality in ensuring the seamless flow of your event. Choose individual equipment or select our PA system packages to create the perfect sound environment with our flexible options.

Portable PA system

Portable PA systems effortlessly transition between indoor and outdoor settings, proving their versatility. Perfectly suited for gatherings of up to 50 individuals, they are also perfect for larger groups that can be accommodated by seamlessly integrating extra speakers.

Microphone Hire

From vibrant conferences and public meetings to joyful birthdays, weddings, and live performances in Brisbane, VideoData’s microphone hire services deliver unparalleled audio excellence for any occasion.

Microphones Hire Comparison Chart

FeaturesCoverageDurationPresentationLive PerformancesConferenceWeddings
Handheld Microphones (Wireless or Cabled)up to 100 peopleup to 16 hours☑☑☑☑
Headset Microphones (Wireless)up to 150 peopleup to 8 hours☑☑--
Lapel Microphones (Wireless)up to 100 peopleup to 8 hours ☑☑--
Table Microphone (Wireless or Cabled)up to 50 peopleup to 10 hours☑-☑☑
Conference Microphones (Cabled)up to 200 peopleextended periods☑-☑☑
Gooseneck Microphone (Lectern/Podium Microphone)up to 300 peopleextended periods☑-☑☑
Instrument Microphonesvarious sizesextended periods-☑-☑

From conferences and public meetings to birthdays, weddings, and celebrations, VideoData's top-notch microphone and PA system hire services are designed to amplify your event's impact.

Choose from handheld wireless microphone and discreet lapel mics for interviews, or energise presentations with wireless headsets. Seamlessly manage discussions with table mics, and enhance speeches with gooseneck podium mics. Musicians, our instrument microphones will make your performances shine.

Our microphone, PA system, and speaker rentals provide clear and powerful sound for larger audiences. Whether you’re hosting an event indoors or outdoors, our sound system hire solutions cater to your specific needs. No matter the event, our high-quality microphones guarantee crystal-clear sound, leaving a lasting impact on your audience.

Enquire now your event's audio experience with VideoData's premium microphone hire services.

FAQ Section

How do I determine the right PA system for my event?

Our experienced team will assess your event’s size, venue, and specific audio needs to recommend the most suitable PA system setup. Call now to get all the specific details!

Can you provide on-site assistance with setting up the PA system?

Absolutely. Our skilled technicians offer on-site setup and support to ensure your event’s audio is seamless.

Do you offer customisation options for the PA system setup?

Yes, we tailor our PA system solutions to match your event’s requirements, ensuring optimal sound quality.

Do you offer speaker hire packages with other products?

Yes, we offer speaker hire packages that can be bundled with other products and services to create a comprehensive audiovisual solution tailored to your event. Our packages include everything you need for a smooth and easy experience, such as microphones, projectors, screens, lighting, and more. Contact our team to discuss your specific requirements and explore the options available to enhance your event’s audiovisual setup.

Can I connect my phone with speakers?

Absolutely! Our speaker systems are designed to be versatile and user-friendly. Connect your phone to our speakers with Bluetooth or cables to play music, presentations, or audio from your device. Whether it’s for a party, presentation, or any event, our speakers are equipped to enhance your audio experience seamlessly.

Do I need to have access to electricity?

Yes, and no. We have both battery and powered PA speakers for different needs and uses.

For certain portable speaker models, like those with rechargeable batteries, electricity access may not be needed, offering flexibility for indoor and outdoor setups.

However, larger, more robust speaker systems typically require access to electricity to ensure consistent and powerful sound quality, especially for extended events or larger gatherings.

Feel free to share your event specifics, and we can help you select the appropriate speaker solution based on your electricity availability and event needs.


How much does PA system and speaker hire cost?

PA system and speaker hire costs vary based on equipment, event size, and duration. Contact us with your event details for a personalised quote that fits your needs and budget. Get in touch today to ensure exceptional audio for your event.

Is there an insurance requirement for equipment hire?

PA system and speaker hire costs vary based on equipment, event size, and duration. Contact us with your event details for a personalised quote that fits your needs and budget. Get in touch today to ensure exceptional audio for your event.

Do you require a bond for PA system and speaker hire?
Yes, a refundable bond may be required. This ensures the equipment’s safe return in good condition.
What is your cancellation fee policy?

Cancellation fees may apply if the booking is canceled within a certain timeframe. Please refer to our terms for details.

Is there a booking fee?
Yes, a booking fee may be applicable to secure your reservation. This fee is deducted from the total cost.

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