Live Video Streaming for Funeral Memorial Services




VideoData understands that managing the passing of loved ones is an extremely difficult time for family and friends. It’s something most of us don’t plan for. According to the current Federal Government directives, funeral services can only be attended by a maximum of 10 people with no more than one person per 4 square metres. That’s why our live-streaming videography services are designed to provide needed relief at this emotional and hectic time. 

You can trust our team of experienced audio visual experts to work with funeral home directors, Church personal and family members to effortlessly connect people who could not attend the services due to distance or social-distancing.

Live Funeral Streaming Packages

We have specifically designed these packages with you and your budget in mind. Due to the current pandemic crisis, we have reduced the cost of these packages to make them much more affordable at this time. We start with the basic funeral streaming package which includes:

  • 2 technicians going to the site and setting up with one camera and associated equipment
  • Our techs will monitor and operate the equipment from outside of the room during the proceedings and won’t be included in the limit of 10 people attending the ceremony

Larger packages can include:

  • A second camera and extra associated equipment
  • A projector and screen to show photos/videos

The live stream is hosted on Facebook through VideoData’s page to make it easy for the people close to you to join the ceremony as it proceeds. We only use professional/broadcast quality AV equipment so all your online guests will be able to see and hear the entire ceremony clearly. We use Facebook to livestream the ceremony so that family members and friends can attend from any location around the world.

VideoData will do everything to support you through these trying times so please call us to discuss your requirements or email us an enquiry.

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