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Lights, Drapes & Themeing
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Lights Drapes & Themeing
Lights Drapes & Themeing

Light up your next event and add that WOW factor very simply.

It is amazing what just a couple of lights can do. They can transform a room or outdoor space and change your event theme from something ordinary to something extraordinary.

Lights can be used for so many things such as:

Light up a stage – Generally flood light a staging area or brighten a stage by lighting up the background or drape

Put a spotlight on a presenter – Ensure your speaker is the centre of attention by using spotlights to help draw the audience’s attention to the person

Throw colour up a wall – Improve the ambiance of a room or entertainment area by filling the area with colour or if it is a corporate event, use lights to fill the walls with corporate colours

Highlight something special – Do you have something on display you want to be noticed or would you just like to put some coloured lights in a garden area to enhance the look of your event space

As we always say – a little light goes a long way.

Drapes can also be used to help with the look and feel of your event but they have so many other uses as well:

  • Screen off something unsightly with a nice coloured drape
  • Set as a backdrop behind a stage or head table
  • Cover windows to darken a room
  • Use as a false wall or room divider
  • Create a dressing room or side stage green room
  • Create a hallway or line a walkway

Drapes are such a simple way to transform and improve a space to suit your event.

Lighting and drapes combined are such useful tools to help enhance the stage theme of your next event. Please call us at (07) 3846 7600 to discuss what you want for your next event and see how we can help make it a big success. You can also send your enquiry from our online ‘Enquiry form’ on the right side of the page and receive a same day reply (during normal business hours).

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